Write About Your Industry

 Write an article about what you do & earn cash

 Are you able to write blog posts written about the industry you work in? Basically what does ‘a day in the life’ involve – what do you do on a daily basis? If you can convey this in writing in a casual/formal tone and wish to earn a bit of cash ($18 per 600 words. No more than 1200 words for an article) please get in touch. Please only one article to start with, if it’s good quality we can look at doing more!
Article requirements:
– Min 600 words, max 1200 words

– Needs to include one photo (I normally just find it using google images / shutterstock / the web in general): The name of the image file should be the title of the article, e.g. if the title is “Working As A Child Carer” the image should be working-as-a-child-carer.png

– Needs to be well written and ideally quite funny, like the posts currently on gojobr. Also please use a couple of sub-headings (For headings, please use ‘Sel > heading’ )

We look forward to receiving your post, thank you!